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Our community is what sets NEST FEST apart from the rest.

If you’re someone who loves live music and especially bands and artists, a thrill seeker for new experiences or a creative person of any age who loves those ‘WOW’ moments, then Nest Fest is for you.



Our ideals are based upon looking after each other, and therefore looking after our environment. We aspire to leave a huge impression on our patrons, whilst leaving as little of an impact on the environment as we can. This relies on us providing the best support care units available to us, as well as it relies on everyone in our community to do their part also, sharing a mindset of leaving no trace and having fun with a sustainable attitude. We ask our community to think about your transport to and from the festival, be conscious of what you bring and consume.


Carry out with you what you bring in, and put all recyclables and waste in the correct bins. Make smart purchases, share accommodation with your friends & enjoy your time together.

By deciding to come to Nest Fest you’re directly contributing to the community we have built over the last 6 years. Helping put clothes & bread on so many artists & contractors tables which we feel privileged to do so.

This year we are working with the local Hawkes Bay community around initiatives which will benefit the wider art deco community. Supporting all local businesses helps us do our bit in society. By buying any of our merchandise, you will be helping us contribute 5% of our net profits to our regenerative charitable partner STRINGER CHARITY with hopes to grow healthier nutrients in our soil and earth. 

We encourage all of our fans to join in on the experience and to welcome each other with open arms.  whilst respecting the environment and Nest Fest Family.


Thanks to you, we create a festival like no other: and remember, dance like nobody's watching!

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