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Updated: Sep 24

One night in August 2022, We at Nest Fest were hazily sharing some cocktails in a bar deep in china town NYC. Our friend and flatmate, Drew Rodriguez insisted of sharing with us his friends music… Saara was her name, or else known as SUO. We were hooked and the rest is now becoming history.

SUO oozes with the dominant heat of a New York summer!

Perhaps best known for her work with BOYTOY, NYC musician and artist Saara Untracht Oakner presents a personal collection of new songs that erupt with a broad spectrum of sprawling melodies and sticky emotions.

Saara’s songwriting draws inspiration from a range of legendary artists including Christine Mcvie, Lou Reed, Big Star and Grace Jones, yet she manages to sound truly her own. In February 2023, SUO spent the month in Mexico City to record her sophomore LP that screams with the energy that SUO’s live shows are known for.

Working with producer Pablo Valero (of Santa Sabina) to translate her electrifying stage presence into a recorded form, SUO naturally blurs the lines of feminine and masculine energy in a post-gender eruption of androgynous power!

Currently joining SUO on stage is an all-star line-up including Josephine (of The Josephine Network), Max Hersh (of Dirty Fences) and Robert Earl Thomas (of Widowspeak) , however, SUO also ventures out solo, where she is able to showcase a deep emotional and personal collection of material.

SUO is an amalgamation of almost 20 years of songwriting, over 10 years of national and international touring and a fierce insatiable craving for growth, exploration and creation.

We are so stoked we stumbled across SUO and have managed to confirm her for her first & exclusive performance here in New Zealand at NEST FEST.

Grab a ticket before they sell out & enjoy the peak of summer with us!

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