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Updated: Sep 24

In a world preoccupied with instant gratification and overnight success,

LEISURE have been taking the scenic route. The six members - and mates - came

together in 2015 on a spontaneous trip up New Zealands west coast. At that stage,

they’d independently spent years churning through the music machine’s tight jaws.

Individually, they are award winning songwriters, producers and creatives. Together,

they resolved to carve out a new musical paradigm: cut the crap, enjoy the ride.

We are hyped to have these talented legends grace our stage at Nest Fest as one of their only exclusive summer festivals for 2023/2024.

We caught up with Tom from Leisure to ask him our burning questions… we just had to know ;)

8 Quick Fire questions.

What inspired your artist name?

We wanted to remind ourselves about why we were doing, what we were doing

Where do you see the music industry in 2033?

100% no clue

Is there anything outside of the music industry that is inspiring you right now?

Finally getting around to Twin Peaks Season 3. Fiancée does not approve.

Favorite food / place to eat?

Definitely 2 cheese burgers in the car.

Best kept secret…. What can you share?

McDonalds steamed buns

What is something you have learnt this year?

‘Where your fear is. There is your task’

Favorite place you’ve traveled to / any travel tips?

We only had a day in Berlin but it’s definitely the place that

stood out the most. Also the smoking in bars is fun.

If you were to write a book - what would the title be?

“Beyond the Banana Peel”

6 more…

My Leisures - How are you? Where are you all

right now? What the hells being going on?

Doing very well thanks. After wrapping the album we just

got into getting things sorted for the upcoming tour really.

So you’ve got a new record coming out called Leisurevision - Can you explain to us what Leisurevision is? Are these spectacles or goggles you think?

For a long time we realised that as a band we had been mostly reactive decisions. We wanted to shift that reactivity into proactivity and come together to consciously steer the

ship. I think Leisurevision is the term that seemed to sum it up best.

We see you’re going on a tour overseas in October / November. This looks super exciting - what’re you most excited for? What’re you going to miss most whilst gone?

New experiences and movement are the best magnets. Also

excited to how the Leisure fam has grown, it’s been a while

since we were in the states. I for one am predicting to miss

NZ coffee.

Any different things you’re wanting to tick off the list whilst on the road? I heard going to a rodeo is the new hot tip… thoughts?

Most of us have been fairly stationary since the covid stuff so some new scenery wouldn’t go amiss. We’re rolling close quarters in a tour bus this time so that I’m sure will

provide some unique experiences on its own.

What’re your plans for NZ Summer - Hopefully we have better weather this year - where do you guys mostly hang out to catch the leisure sunshine?

Yeah last summer felt like a robbery. We tend to usually get drawn down Coromandel ways so we’re hoping to lay around at various family properties watching our toddlers

figure out how to share unsuccessfully.

On a serious note - Did you guys ever consider calling yourselves Pleasure? Instead of Leisure…? C’mon now, you can be honest. What about pleasure vision?

No comment.

Any final words? Sign this shit off would ya!

We super excited for this new album phase; we’re trying to level up across the board. We genuinely appreciate all the support from everyone who listens and fucks with us. All

thoughts are lies there is only experience.

It’s been a pleasure boys ;)


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